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ESL 9000 with NSR2400

Rene Ermers
Occasional Contributor

ESL 9000 with NSR2400

We've got an ESL9000, 4LTO drive's and NSR2400.
If we power UP the ESL9000 some times the drives show correctly but most often the drives are ofline or gone. HP said that if we power Up the ESL900 we ALWAYS must reset the NSR 2400 (in fact 2 NSR1200). Is anyone else got the same experiance?? Is this normal?
(powerup the ESL9000 attach a Portable computer and use TELNET to reset the routers.)
Occasional Visitor

Re: ESL 9000 with NSR2400

Do verify if the ESL9000 robtic controller firmware and the LTO device firmware are of the minimum supported version with the backup application you use.
Please check it out from the latest Enterprise Backup Solution Compatibility matrix from HP as in the following URLs...

Hope this helps...