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ESL 9595 Tape Silo

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ESL 9595 Tape Silo

I have to replace a hot swapable tape drive and need to know if I need to put the silo in Standby Mode because I am not sure what will happen when I open the rear door. The rear doors have magnetic switched that may interupt the silo operation.
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Re: ESL 9595 Tape Silo

If you don't know how to do it: Consider not to do it.

You push the on-line/off-line button on the touch panel to take it off line.

To replace the drive:
Identify wich drive to replace.
Open the back door (Right or left)
Move the puple handle to gain access to the screw. (This also switch off the drive)
Unscrew both screws
pull out drive
insert new drive
tighten the screws, and close the handle
close the door

Very very very very importent.
Calibrate the drive:
Put library in off-line
From the oprations tab (If I remeber correctly) select calibrate
select calibrate drives.
calibration take 2 - 5 min.

also Very very very very importent.
whenever you push a button - WAIT till you have seen reaction.

Put library on-line

Now you just have to figure out how to get your backup application to recognize the new drive.
You must beware that some backup applications identify the drive from the drive serial no.
DP, TMS and Backup Exec. use the s/n

What happens if you open the doors:
Front door - The library Stops.
Back doors - The robotics reduce movement speed to 50% (I'm not 100% sure, but it won't interrupt operation)
However calibation do interrupt opration.
And you must re-calibrate.

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Re: ESL 9595 Tape Silo

Thanks for the information. This clears up several questions.