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ESL G3: wrong firmware apply.

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ESL G3: wrong firmware apply.

Hi All,

i wrongly apply my Firmware ( wrong revision ) .

somehow we manage to bring the partition online using OCP. but im havin issue accessing the library CVTL. the login page just wont pop up. 

LTT also does not allow me to change the library firmware ( have expected this wont work )

my question is,:

1. izzit possible to fix this? 

2. do i need HPE to do this or will other 3rd party vendor be able to do it?


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Re: ESL G3: wrong firmware apply.

i was going to say try rolling back the firmware but the service manual says:

Rolling back the firmware should NOT be used as a recovery tool for a failed firmware upgrade.

If the firmware upgrade process has failed, capture the snapshot and escalate the issue.


Re: ESL G3: wrong firmware apply.

Try to run connectivity test from cvtl to the ESL G3 library , Once test successfully completed try below points.

Try to restart the CVTL services and check .
Try to run clear station from Library GUI, this will clear the Management port cache to allow cvtl connection.
Try to reboot the library and see if that helps .
Finally try to roll back the firmware to previous version, if any difficulties then capture the error message and escalate.

Thank You!
I am an HPE Employee