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Re: ESL322e e2400-FC 2Gb Interface Controller Replaced


ESL322e e2400-FC 2Gb Interface Controller Replaced


We have a running ESL322e Tape Library with Four Tape Drives.
One of the FC ports on the FC Controller failed, so we ordered a new one.

Now, the Controller is here. The old one is still accessible via the Serial Console, and we can view all the configuration.

When the old one is removed, and the new one inserted, it will act as a new tape library. Is there a way to backup the current configuration on the card to a file maybe and then upload it to the new one?
Or will we have to replicate all the data (Device List, Map, Host List,...)?

Thanks a lot

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Re: ESL322e e2400-FC 2Gb Interface Controller Replaced

Hello Amr Sadek,

The configuration details are stored in the IM which will sync the data across the Interface Controllers. (FC controllers).

The Interface Manager card retains theWorldWide Names (WWN) of installed interface controllers.
The Interface Manager card makes sure that your interface controllers maintain the same WWN,along with the host mapping configuration and partitioning configuration, in the event that they require
replacement. This allows your backup configuration to continue unchanged, despite the replacement.
Replacing an interface controller is done with the Hardware Replacement wizard.

1. Follow the instructions in the interface controller's replacement poster to remove and replace the
2.In the Library window, click the Support tab.
3. In the left panel, select Hardware Replacement.
4. Select Actions > Launch Interface Controller Replacement Wizard.
5. Follow the instructions in the wizard.

If you need to replace an interface controller, refer to the appropriate library and interface controller
documentation for information on how to replace the hardware. Some interface controllers are
hot-pluggable. Refer to the interface controller documentation to see if your interface controller is