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ESL712e Firmware Rev's

Occasional Advisor

ESL712e Firmware Rev's

How do you find the Firmware Rev Level's on an ESL712e ie Intermanager Card,Robotic's card etc. I'm assuming it's via Command View Tape library?
rich pattison
Trusted Contributor

Re: ESL712e Firmware Rev's

Yes..... it's best done through CVTL - go to the support tab - then "firmware update" - this will show the current rev's. The "actions" tab allows you to fire up the "firmware update wizard" - if your management station has internet access you can download the latest firmware available.

A couple of important points:
Don't use L&TT.
Make sure all the components are running compatible firmware - and especially make sure the CVTL software is the same version as the Interface manager firmware, (upgrade CVTL *FIRST* if there's a newer version of the IM firmware) - current CVTL/IM codes are V1.8/I180 - obtainable from the website: