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ESL712e not Generating Support Tickets

Occasional Advisor

ESL712e not Generating Support Tickets

Problem: ESL takes ages to Generate a support ticket,& appears to hang.

I ran through the wizard and just selected drive 1. The wizard says it is generating a support ticket,but sits on that screen for about an hour and nothing appears on the progress bar along the bottom. Eventually, after about an hour a completed successfully message appears and the support ticket is generated. However, this is not normal and indicates there is a fault.

On another ESL the same thing takes about 3 minutes & you get progress info along the bottom, which is what should happen.

I can manage the ESL as normal via “Command View – Tape Library” and the ESL doesn’t report any errors.

We have reset the ESL twice and rebooted the management server as well, but still can’t generate a support ticket as we should be able to, any one had similar?

Matthias Danzer
Valued Contributor

Re: ESL712e not Generating Support Tickets

HI Nunney,

the support ticket function has not worked good until yet.

My suggestion:
1.Make a complete Firmware Upgrade of the library over command view esl.
Here is link for software and more instructions:

After that, try it again.

2. Alternatively, you could open a telnet session to the ESL Library to create the support tickets manuelly
- telnet
user: cliadmin
passwd: clipwd

- then, a prompt occurs
type "save" and then "help" for more information about to create support tickets manuelly

- after you have created a ticket, immediately make a ftp connection to the library (ftp over dox box e.g.). Then copy the ticket to your local pc.

User the following login informations:

!!!There should be run no actions on the library during the task!!!!

Be aware, that the complete creation of support tickets could take a long time (~2 hours)


Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: ESL712e not Generating Support Tickets

The biggest thing I have seen that causes problems generating tape drive support tickets in an ESL is the traffic to the tape drive. If a backup is in progress then a delay is to be expected. If the drive is idle then there may be some unnecessary traffic.

The commands to get the various parts of the support ticket from the drive go into the same queue in the drive as all the traffic from hosts. If there are hosts somewhere scanning the drive frequently then the drive spends all it's time processing those scan commands. I have seen systems where the drives are trying to process several hundred scan commands per second.

About 3 minutes is how long an LTO support ticket should take in an ESL with the current release of Command View. Anything longer means something is causing a delay. That doesn't mean there is something wrong with the library, just that there is activity causing delays.

Is there anything different about the environment that the ESL's are in? One HP-UX one Windows or different OS versions or . . .?