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ESL9198SL & M2402 (5.6.7a)

Lawrence Rubio
Occasional Visitor

ESL9198SL & M2402 (5.6.7a)

Im seeing a lot these on my NSR event logs lately.

CHK COND with Sense Key=0xB, ASC=0x80, ASCQ=0x6 from SCSI LUN 3/0/0/0.

W/C I believe translates to TRANSFER EMPTY - COMMAND ABORTED.

All the while, backup operations on my library have turned flaky. I would get intermittent "media robot load failure" or "media robot export failure". We've seen it dropped tapes inside the library and are not seating tapes inot the "LOAD PORT" slots properly.

We also have a resurgence os SCSI BUS resets reported on my NSR logs:
SCSI HTH Error. Port 12 Target 0, S_ID 0x010700, CDB[0] 0xA5, Device Type 1
SCSI port 12 bus reset

Uli Böhm
Frequent Advisor

Re: ESL9198SL & M2402 (5.6.7a)

ASC=0x80 / ASCQ=0x6 sounds like a media and/or drive error. Could you temporary disable drive3. When did you made your last calibrating, especialy the load port? Please check cabling and termination. Any changes made before this errors occur?