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Re: ESL9595 Upgrade

Luis A Rios
Occasional Contributor

ESL9595 Upgrade

Hi I have a 2 ESL 9595 with passthrough an LTO2 Drive, I need to install LTO3 drive and I need to know wath do I need to acoplish this.
Only the new drives or more hardware.

Eblyn Solis
Honored Contributor

Re: ESL9595 Upgrade


Looks like the ESL 9595 don't support LTO3.

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Bryce Perekrestenko
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Re: ESL9595 Upgrade

Although the version of the manual posted above does not indicate support for LTO3 (Ultium 960), the ESL9000 will support Ultrium 960 SCSI drives.

Here are the kit details:

ESL9000 Ultrium 960 Drive Upgrade Kit - Part# AD596A

NOTE: Supports ESL9000 tape libraries including: ESL9322L1/9595L1, S2, L2, SL, 9326SL, 9198SL, and 9198DLX. ESL9326D/DX HVD libraries are NOT supported. Four drive SCSI attachment to e2400-160 interface controller (330839-B21). Same performance as four LTO2 tape drives, but twice the capacity.