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ESL9595 command view


ESL9595 command view


During ESL9595 FW upgrade, we got nsr fw mismatch. Then we use telnet method to the IM to upgrade nsr FW, it worked fine. Data Protector is able to detect tape drives, backup is running.
But now when start command view to select ESL library, it fails to open the tape library, the error messge is communication error with IM.
Any help, Thks.
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: ESL9595 command view

the problem for the fw mismatch is due the matching file that is loaded with the latest firmware bundle, the communication error you got with the IM, in my opinion have nothing to do with the previous problem.
Try to clear your cache, disable proxy, eventualy try to ping the IM address, or telnet it in order to isolate a communication issue