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EVA Calculator

Guenter Knoechel
Occasional Contributor

EVA Calculator

Hi Sterling,

I am attaching Version 4.06 of the EVA Calculator, which, I think, is still an actual version. However, it can not be used to calculate the capacity of the new FATA-Drives.

Peter Mattei
Honored Contributor

Re: EVA Calculator

Find attached the EVA Sizer tool written by Martin Csaulta, Senior Technology Consultant in Switzerland. The first version was written in 2001, the current version is 3.2.0.
You can not only calculate vdisks but also CA sets etc.

Note: This is not an official HP tool!

Find the revision notes below:

Since there are upcoming enhancements to the EVA storage subsystem, I have added new features and support to my sizer tool:

- Added support for the new 250GB FATA and 300GB FC disk drives.
- Added a new "user defined disk size" feature by which you can size EVAs using your "own" disk size (for "EVA Configuration C" and "EVA Configuration D" worksheets only).
> Note: this feature is meant to ease calculations with disk drives not yet announced but coming down the road very soon. Please be cautious when using a self defined disk size, especially in the case where the new disk sizes planned aren't finalized yet.
- Added support for the new 2C1D EVA model, which should be launched very soon.
- Added check for the "35TB usable storage capacity" limitation (the total netto capacities fields will then be flagged red)
- Adapted the "Help" and the "Tips & Tricks" worksheet accordingly.

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