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Eml 103e

Eml 103e

what are the ports need to be open to access HP eml 103e through firewall

Guna Sekaran.J
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Re: Eml 103e

See the commandview TL user guide:

Table 2 Management station to web browser network ports
Port number Purpose
4093 - 4095 TCP
2715 TCP and UDP

Table 3 Management station to Interface Manager card network ports
Port number Purpose
8090 TCP
8099 TCP
18098 TCP SSL

Table 4 SKM network ports
Port number Purpose
0022 SSH login to SKM
0161 SNMP from SKM
9000 ETLA login to SKM
9081 FIPS status server from SKM
9091 SKM networking
9443 Web login to SKM

Hope this helps!

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