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Emptyhanded: Show Device Files

Mike Thorne
Occasional Contributor

Emptyhanded: Show Device Files

In SAM tape drive management, I select Show Device Files, expecting to see the typical list of device files.

Instead, I read "No device files for the selected device were found in /dev."

I have device files in /dev/rmt (I've even started over and used Create Default Device Files), but SAM's IOSCAN in /dev is not finding anything to report, in the way of tape devices, in Show Device Files.

We have two servers in this condition, and three that are able to display device files for tape just fine.

How do I help SAM to see my tape device files, again, that already exist in /dev/rmt?

Mike Thorne
David Ruska
Honored Contributor

Re: Emptyhanded: Show Device Files

You might want to link this question under the "hp-ux > system administration" catagory (where the SAM team is known to visit).
The journey IS the reward.
harry d brown jr
Honored Contributor

Re: Emptyhanded: Show Device Files


Do you have your systems up todate in patches?

Another thing, using "ioscan -fn" do your tape drives show up with device files and are they "CLAIMED"??

live free or die
Live Free or Die
Mike Thorne
Occasional Contributor

Re: Emptyhanded: Show Device Files

David: thank you - I'll link this question to the System Administration forum.

Harry: "ioscan -fn" does show the three tape drives of interest as CLAIMED, on both hosts that don't show tape device files through SAM.

Your point is well taken on patches - we have decentralized management of servers across a development group, and there is room to review patches.