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Error 1400: Alert -Wrong media

Zafar Q
New Member

Error 1400: Alert -Wrong media

I have DPE 3.5, I tried to taking my first backup as follows instruction from DPE cd (First Backup) but during backup i am facing error 1400 or Unrecognized cartage. error jpg attached.

D Wong
Regular Advisor

Re: Error 1400: Alert -Wrong media

Hi Zafar:

DPX is very specific about the tape cartridges it uses for its backup job.

1) Start with tape cartridge completely erased or "Quick erased". If the same tape cartridge is used next time for the same backup job, it will automatically be overwritten when using below settings in step 2 and 3.

2) Let DPX auto format the tape cartridge for your backup job. Setup the DPX backup job "Device/Media" page to "Auto Format Mode: Auto format blank media only"

3) Setup the DPX "Options" page to "Write mode: Overwrite all media".

Once your basic backup jobs works then you can change these settings around to get the backup job working as you want, but start with these basic settings until you get the backups working correctly.

Dave W.