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Re: Error 1401: insert compatibel media

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D Wong
Regular Advisor

Re: Error 1401: insert compatibel media

Hi Stefaan:

So normally you should only be using the Hardware Compression that is enabled by default for the tape drive.

Don't do both Hardware compression and Software compression at the same time.

Some files don't compress e.g. *.mpg, *.jpeg, *.zip files

The local C: drive is usually difficult to get good hardware compression. So, I would expect the compression would not work with the C: drive. It take multiple disk spindles and larger Databases files to get good data compression.

Re: Error 1401: insert compatibel media

Hello D Wong,

I have tried next: checked only hardware compression, put al the files (42GB) on an separate harddisk (no C-drive)...and again after 32GB the media gets throw out, the DPX again asked after another tape.
Is there a limit of 32GB on the software version Single Server Edition 3.50 sp2?