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Re: Error 16: File not found

RJ Taylor
New Member

Error 16: File not found

Using Data Protector Express 3.5 for Small Business Server. A full backup completes with no errors. The subsequent incremental backup shows errors as follows:

Network\\File Systems\H:\Jobs\2000
Completed Bkp: 20037-Williams

Network\\File Systems\H:\Jobs\2000\20037-Williams
Error 16: File not found Bkp:
Completed Bkp:

Of the 561 files selected to be backed up only 295 were completed during the last backup. A previous problem with error 126: Path not found was cleared by rebuilding the database. There is no discernible pattern, some files in a directory will be backed up while others will be skipped.

Any help will be appreciated.
Michael Weiss II
New Member

Re: Error 16: File not found

We're experiencing the same issue - with the exception that we have also experienced this with full backups, not just with incremental backups.

We also on occasion encounter "Error 3028: Unknown Error".

I've been working with HP support and they have yet to find a solution to either problem. If we do find a solution to these problems, I'll be sure to post it for everyone.
Michael Weiss II
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Re: Error 16: File not found

I did manage to solve it, and the 3028 errors. The cause is actually due to the NT Backup API that Data Protector relies upon. Microsoft has a technote about it here -->

Once I applied the registry changes, the errors stopped.
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Re: Error 16: File not found

I'm experiencing 126 and 16 as well.

What did you do when you said that you "rebuilt the database?"
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Re: Error 16: File not found




This error 16 or 126 occurs when data protector express attempts to backup a file or folder that no longer exists on the network. This can be caused by a user or program deleting the object during the time between the backup calculated the object's location and the time the backup occurs.  

This error should only occur once per object per backup job and should not be seen in sequential logs.

If you continue to see Error 16 on the same object over the course of multiple logs, you can prevent data protector express from attempting to backup that object by unselecting that object in your backup job.




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