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Error C3703 with C7200 Loader and Arcserve 2000

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Error C3703 with C7200 Loader and Arcserve 2000

- Compaq Proliant DL360
- SCSI Card Adaptec 39160 (ULTRA 160)
- W2k Server SP2 English (without SR2)
- Arcserve 2k SP3 + Lastest Device driver patch

Whenever we tried to backup, we have the following message:
E6500: Client connect to tape failed followed by the message C3703 (Unable to open media) with a time out.

We tried everything CA told us (checking the firmware version, patch, unloading the windows drivers from the control panel, etc...) and it's still not working.

Another problem is we cannot format media. All medias are marked "Unreadable". Otherwise all the others functions seems to work properly (Scan, mount, dismount, erase, eject).

We don't know what to do, could you help us ?


Re: Error C3703 with C7200 Loader and Arcserve 2000

It may be a good next step to do another type of test on drive without Arcserve being involved. From the description I would say since the drive can mount & erase that you may have a write head problem. See if you can write to the drive from Windows backup. I would also test restore if the backup does write.

Curtis Wheatley