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Error Code EE09 on SureStore DLT80e

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Alan R. Yin
Occasional Advisor

Error Code EE09 on SureStore DLT80e

Hi All,

Does anyone know what does error code EE09 mean?

The drive works fine, but Device Analysis shows "Test passed with warning"


David Ruska
Honored Contributor

Re: Error Code EE09 on SureStore DLT80e

What version of firmware are you on? I've heard that early versions of firmware could report EE09 when they encountered a DRAM partiy error.

You should use V80 firwmare in the standalone DLT8000 to make sure it properly detects DRAM failures (the fix in reporting DRAM failures is in V59 and newer firmware).

EE09 errors in a DLT8K may also indicate SCSI transmission problems. Thus, ensure that your cabling, terminiation, etc, is correct.

You can look in the support ticket under the drive error log, and see when this event occured. If you set the detail level to 'everything', there will be a 'POH' field, which shows the power-on hours when the error occurred. You can look at the current POH and determine how long ago the error occurred.

The DLT error logs never get cleared, so this error could have happened thousands of hours ago.
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