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Error Message with C1533A tape drive

Thomas Coe
Occasional Contributor

Error Message with C1533A tape drive

Running NT Server 4.0 with Backup Exec 8.5. Lately we have been receiving the error message "The tape drive is having problems writing data. No data has been lost, but there has been a reduction in the capacity of the tape." Any body know what this means? We have shut down the server, cleaned the tape drive, etc.. There has been no change in the amount of data being backed up.
Eric de Lange_2
Respected Contributor

Re: Error Message with C1533A tape drive

Hello Thomas,

it sounds like either your heads are dirty, wearing down or you tapes are starting to wear down a bit.

You are cleaning, so does that mean that the cleaning LED is on after a backup ?

I would try new tape. also make sure you cleaning cartridge is not expired (over-used)

If all this does not resolve the problem >> time to call HP service..