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Error in backup on DAT8 drive

Occasional Contributor

Error in backup on DAT8 drive

Hello all,

Currently I have a Surestore DAT8 Drive and DDS-2 cartridge. Recently I am facing this problem of unable to backup my data. The Replica program show an error of
"Error closing data set. (5207)
Engine aborted the backup. (1032)
This version of Replica does not support tape spanning. Please redefine the job so it fits on a single tape.
Process unsuccessful, Please try again. (5050)
Engine reports span successfully canceled. (6003)
Error disconnecting from selected device. (5011)
Incorrect function.
Error creating backup summary report."

I am only backing up 1 drive of 4GB of datas. Does this mean that the data is too large for the drive? Can anyone help me? Thanks for your time.

David Ruska
Honored Contributor

Re: Error in backup on DAT8 drive

Don't know anything about Replica software, but it sounds like it is running out of tape.

The DDS2 drive only holds 4GB native.

Does the SW have an option to enable hardware compression?

Is the data you are backing up compressible?

You can run HP Library & Tape Tools after a backup (while the tape is still loaded), and look at the compression log to see what compression ratio you achived.

Are you on NT, win2k, or winXP? If so, try the native backup app.
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