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Error message of surestore Ultrim Autoloader 1/9

Occasional Advisor

Error message of surestore Ultrim Autoloader 1/9

What's the meaning of the following error message:
"Drive Error
2003/01/31 02:00:53
Serial # 1E72D09778
Drive rejected load of tape cartridge"
What action shall I take?
Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: Error message of surestore Ultrim Autoloader 1/9

That is worded a little too harsh and the wording will be changed in a future release.

That message means that when a tape was loaded into the drive the teeth on the drive spool and the teeth on the tape spool did not engage properly and the load had to be retried.

It is normal for that to happen whenever the teeth line up point to point. Almost always retrying the load clears the problem and that is done automatically. In very rare cases the spools don't move during the reload and the move will fail with a hard error. In those cases the tape can be loaded into a different drive which will move the spool and clear the problem.

The only action you need to take is to make note of the event (I write on the tape with a marker). If the problem happens several times on the same tape then there may be a problem with that tape and it will need replaced.