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Ext. Colorado 20Gb Parallel & Windows ME

Stephen Weiss
Occasional Visitor

Ext. Colorado 20Gb Parallel & Windows ME

I recently acquired an external Colorado 20GB parallel port Travan tape drive. However, when I went to install the software, it complained that I was running Windows ME. Now I appear to be out of luck in that I can't seem to find backup software that's compatible with Windows ME.

Does anybody have any insight into this subject. I see a lot of discussion regarding XP, but nothing regarding ME.

Thanks in advance,
Stephen Weiss
Joseph T. Wyckoff
Honored Contributor

Re: Ext. Colorado 20Gb Parallel & Windows ME

I don't have much to add...

I support an HP product called Omniback.

We do allow for a NETWORK backup of Windows Millenium Edition... that is a tape drive attached to a server, and a copy of the disk drives flows over the network, from the ME box, to the tape drive server.

This is suitable for an enterprise environment that must have an ME box for some reason... but not really a good backup solution for a home user.

Good Luck.
Omniback and NT problems? double check name resolution, DNS/HOSTS...