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External Colorado 20GB tape & Windows ME

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External Colorado 20GB tape & Windows ME


I recently acquired an external Parallel port 20GB Colorado Travan tape drive. However, I tried to install the software and it didn't like that I'm running Windows ME.

After some searching I found out that there's an updated version 9.1 that supposedly supports Windows ME. However, after installing it, the backup software still doesn't recognize that the drive is connected. I tried putting a tape in and telling Windows to search for new hardware, to no avail.

Does anybody have any insight into this issue???

Thanks in advance,
Stephen Weiss

Re: External Colorado 20GB tape & Windows ME

You have the right version of CB2 but the software likes to be installed first. You will have to uninstall CB2 with add/remove programs in control pannel. Unfortunately it leaves remenants behind so you will have to go in and manually delete them where the program was installed. The default is c:\programfiles\hp. If you have any other hp hardware on your computer do not delete the hp folder go in to it and delete the CB2 folder. If you do not have any other HP hardware then go ahead and delete the folder. Then after powering down unistall the hardware and re-install the software.After fully installing the software power down and install the hardware power up and the os should find it and apply the drivers. The reason for the full unistall is to convince the computer that nothing of Colorado has ever been on there so it doesn't get confused with previous installs.
That is a link to the instructions, you will need acrobat reader. Hope this helps.
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Re: External Colorado 20GB tape & Windows ME


Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I've never had any HP products installed on this machine before.

I guess I should have mentioned in my previous post that the CB 9.1 would fail to install properly. It would report that it couldn't fire off a portion of the install and then would quit. I couldn't find anything that would prevent it from failing.


Re: External Colorado 20GB tape & Windows ME

An install of a new version of CB2 would more than likely if there was an older version of the software on the system and it hadn't been removed entirely. CB2 does not like to be upgraded and likes to go on a clean machine thus the cleaning up,of the remenants that add/remove programs leaves behind. Hope this helps.
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Re: External Colorado 20GB tape & Windows ME


I have just finished installing the external Colorado 20GB on Windows ME.

Here is how it worked, while still fresh in my memory.

THe PC never had the HP CBII installed, other vise you may need to uninstall it and also manually delete
the directories it created.

1. I have downloaded CBII ver 9.1 from the net.

2. When unzipped it creates 3 directories: CpyGuide, hpcbii, install.

3. Start ONLY the: \...\hpcbii\hpcbw2\setup.exe (this one will report no errors during installation)

4. Power off the PC.

5. Connect the Colorado and power it up.

6. Start the PC (reboot)

7. Insert the tape in the Colorado (make sure it snaps/clicks)

8. Start the program (Hp Colorado Backup II). It reports "No Device Found", that's OK.

9. Close the program.

10. From the HP web site download: epatupdt.exe. It is available from here:

listed under Win98.

11. Start the epatupdt.exe

12. It will:
- report that it is installing HP CD writer (funny but ok)
- freeze for a while and "think"
- and eventually recognize the attached HP tape drive

13. Windows will report that it has found new device....

14. Start the Hp Colorado Backup II program. The tape drive is available now.

Hope this helps.