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External DLT VS80 with ArcServe 11.0

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Occasional Advisor

External DLT VS80 with ArcServe 11.0

My new DLT VS80 is recognized normally in Windows Sever 2003 and ArcServe 11.0 device list; however, in Cartridge Type field shows "DAT" and i can't read data tapes previously backuped with a HP DLT 40/80 (no VS), tapes were ejected. A blank new tape is normally accepted and backup is completed, but this tape can't read in my HP DLT 40/80 (no VS). Please, i need your help. Thanks.
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: External DLT VS80 with ArcServe 11.0

dlt VS80 are not compatible with DLT 40/80 even if they use the same cartridges.
when a DLTIV cartridge has been written on a DLT40/80, this could not be used anymore on a DLT vs80 drive, the only option to reuse then is to degauss the cartridge, loosing all the data.