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External VS 40/80 & ML370 G2

Paul Cannon
Occasional Advisor

External VS 40/80 & ML370 G2

I have a ML370 G2 running Win2k server w/ SP4 and an external VS 40/80 at a remote location. I had the onsite contact plug the drive in and reboot the server. It did see it in POST. Now in Windows device manager it shows up as 6 devices in Other Devices vs Tape Drives. I imagine this is a driver issue ? Does anyone have link to the correct driver ? I do not have cd that came with this drive and have not had much luck on the website.
" make it so "
Leon Rosier
Respected Contributor

Re: External VS 40/80 & ML370 G2

Go to the website and start a search for HPtapedrvrs.exe, this should bring you to this file that installs the driver.