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FC Tape Drives HPUX 11.0

Steve Heck_1

FC Tape Drives HPUX 11.0

Should a FC tape drive be displayed by ioscan? I only see fc and fcp but no tape drive listed under them.

I have installed QPK1100 and HWE1000 bundles. Also the HP A6795A fw revision and status LEDs on HP hub are ok.

When I send fcmsutil /dev/td0 get fabric I get a warning:

The Fabric parameters shown below might not be valid, since the HBA is not currently logged in with the Fabric.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Slawomir Gora
Honored Contributor

Re: FC Tape Drives HPUX 11.0


FC tape driver must be displayed by
ioscan -fnC tape.

Re: FC Tape Drives HPUX 11.0

run the command "ioscna -fn | grep -i unc" to see if any devices is unclaimed. If so you may need to install the driver for the tape drive (stape is used by HP drives)
since you are connecting to a hub this will be a loop config and you may want to check your tape drive to see if there is any config to state loop vs fabric (eg NL port vs N port)
Honored Contributor

Re: FC Tape Drives HPUX 11.0

SAN Canfigurtion problem.. your HBA is not being seen (or not logged in at your SAN switch)..

Get the out put of tdutil /dev/td0 (or fcmsutil /dev/td0) and give the output to your SAN folks so your HBA can be properly added to whatever zone your tapedrives are on..
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