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Can you tell me some tools to bridging firmware and change the personality?
I want changed firmware by the manufacturer.
ps:HP DLT firmware can be change stk firmware
and quantum firmware . But can't be change
IBM DLT firmware.
HP LTT tool will not allow you to change personalities without a password. Also, the DLT drive will reject an attempt to change personalities, unless you have special 'bridge' firwmare anyway.
I want have the password . Can you tell me
how to use the password ??

Thank you for reading this..

please tell me anyway .Thanks.
Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor


Even with the password the HP LTT tool can not change the personality of a drive. With the password you can override the device detection LTT uses and force it to believe that the drive is an HP but it stil cannot download the firmware.

You could try getting the HP firmware for the HP-UX HP Support Tool Manager and see if the DLTsage utility can download it to the drive. That firmware is in the same format that DLTSage uses.

There is also a slight possibility that the Quantum L1 firmware might work in an HP tape library but it would be completely untested and HP would be unable to help if you ever have a problem. The biggest problem is that the different firmware types use different styles of unload and the picker may have difficulty grabbing the tape. It is even possible that if the tape eject too early it might damage the picker.