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Failed firmware update on TL890 w/DLT7000

Stuart Helm
Occasional Visitor

Failed firmware update on TL890 w/DLT7000

I installed Compaq TSMC 1.2 onto my Win2k server and tried to perform a firmware update on a TL890/891 tape library with 2 DLT7000 tape drives installed connected through a Comapq FCTC2.

Previously they were at rev 41, controller 109 versions.

The firmware update failed, I believe it was loading V75 onto the tape drives.

Is their a way to load an older version of firmware from tape? Is their a way for me to create this tape or can I buy it?

I have a MSL5052 SDLT320 tape library that is still operational to create the firmware tape on.

Stuart Helm