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Fault code: 2009 (Soft) error on MSL5000...

Marvin Cummings
Occasional Visitor

Fault code: 2009 (Soft) error on MSL5000...

I clicked the Magazine Access button located in the console panel to remove some tapes and received this error after closing the door:

Fault code: 2009 (Soft) Door Open

I've tried just about every possible way to remove this error including powering down the server and tape device but it still appears. I searched the IT Resource Center and found what the error referes to:

Door Open
(status only)
(Door is forced open or door sensor failed.)
Invalid user initiated operation. Select parameters correctly and try again.
Make sure door(s) are closed.
Press Enter to clear the message

None of the other options are working in the console so I'm wondering if anyone can provide me some direction for resolving this?
ANY responses are appreciated.
Occasional Visitor

Re: Fault code: 2009 (Soft) error on MSL5000...

Some times when the door of the library is unfortunately closed , the hook which is attached to this door is become slightly shifted and unaligned, then the sensor inside the library give you this message,
to fix this problem, you can adjust the hook alignment by the screw attached with it, you have to do this job carefully and not to tight too much, and better to compare it with the other door.
Good luck..
Kenan Erdey
Honored Contributor

Re: Fault code: 2009 (Soft) error on MSL5000...


when you power down the device, doors should release themselves, so you could open them manually.
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