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Fbackup using Tanberg DLT 8000 Drive on HP-UX 10.20

J.Jerome Prince Roserio
Occasional Contributor

Fbackup using Tanberg DLT 8000 Drive on HP-UX 10.20


In one of our HP 9000/700 system (J6000)we have 2 * FWD SCSI Controllers and an onboard LVD/SE SCSI controller.All these days a HP DLT 8000 Drive was connected and backup was going through using fbackup with out any problem.Now the HP DLT 8000 drive(FWD) has been replaced with a Tanberg DLT 8000 drive (LVD/SE SCSI I/f).We have connected the New DLT 8000 drive to the onboard LVD/SE SCSI Controller and the drive got sensed also.

The problem is the drive is (working fine)i.e taking backup's if we fire the backup using "tar","dumb",but if we use fbackup command for taking backup's it fails by giving the following error.

It is Not a valid device..

we had alredy updated latest fbackup cumilative patch and stape cumilative patch
Any suggesstion's!!!Is there any patch available for this problem!!!???

Thanks and Regards,
Eric de Lange_2
Respected Contributor

Re: Fbackup using Tanberg DLT 8000 Drive on HP-UX 10.20


I think that the Tandberg DLT drive has a modified vendor id string which fbackup does not recognize. HP's DLT drives leave the vendor id string to Quantum whilst Tandberg may have changed this to Tandberg. I have witnessed this with Compaq DLT drives as well.

An ioscan will tell you if this is the case. If so, I think you will need to request that Tandberg is added to the fbackup certified list of devices.

tar and cpio do not do such a check and are therefore working fine.