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Fiber controller option for 4/40 tape library

Anthony Guzzi
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Fiber controller option for 4/40 tape library

I've recently "inheritted" a rebranded (by Sun) 4/40 tape library. The library was purchased new just a little more then a year ago.

Based on what I'm reading in the library's user's guide, there is a fiber controller option for putting the library on a SAN. When I asked our vendors (Sun plus a couple of third parties) for a quote, I'm being told that no such option exists and that I have to buy a Crossroads. I'm not buying that.

What is the part number for the card, how much do they typically go for, and where can I get them?
Leif Halvarsson_2
Honored Contributor

Re: Fiber controller option for 4/40 tape library

HP part number is:
A4687A HP SureStore E FC Interface DLT LVDS

There may be problems, HP has discontinued the 4/40 library, I dont't know if uprade kits is avilable.

As I understand you have the SUN OEM version of this library, there may be differences with the HP "original".

Michael Tully
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Re: Fiber controller option for 4/40 tape library

Have a look at Partsurfer. Using Leif's example:

Also these pieces of equipment, the FC card internal to these units are made by 'crossroads'
I have a number of A4688A FC bridges and all have crossroads FC cards. Do be careful with used hardware and putting different parts together. You may find that there is imcompatibility problems with firmware. Get a guarantee from any vendor if you purchase anything, that they will give you a refund if the kit does not work. (I would)

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Curtis Ballard
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Re: Fiber controller option for 4/40 tape library

If you download the HP firmware for your tape library then any of the internal fibre channel cards for the HP 4/40 will work with your Sun library. Sun never offered fibre channel so it isn't available with their firmware.

For best results if you try to install a fibre controller you should download the HP firmware first, install the fibre controller, then download the HP firmware again. That will install firmware that can recognize and download to the fibre controller before the fibre controller pops up unexpectedly.

To download a Sun version of the 4/40 you need to use the web interface.

Note that you may have to stay with the Sun firmware for the tape drives.

While this configuration will work you might get a really confused look if you ever have to call for service. Neither HP or Sun will know what to do with your hybrid library.