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Fibre Problems with Surestore E 4/40

Scott Hanson_1
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Fibre Problems with Surestore E 4/40

We have a SureStore E 4/40 with two A5590A HP SureStore FC Interface DLT HVDS cards installed. Until recently, this was working fine connected to an EMC rebadged Brocade DS-16B switch. We recently upgraded to a 2Gb environment and moved to the EMC Connectrix DS-24M2 (McData) switches. Everything seemed ok, the tape library auto-connected as a FL port (loop) and all HP-UX and windows hosts could see the drives and the robot.

This weekend however, after a hardware fault with the library (tape stuck in robot), we could not get the library to log back into the switch. The port would show a link but the library would not appear on the node list. Rebooting the library would not work either. We reset the ports on the McData switch and then one of the FC cards logged in but the other wouldn't until we reset the individual FC port on the library using the webconsole.

Can anyone confirm that the library works with the McData switch and if so, should there be any settings that need to be different over the Brocade switch?
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Re: Fibre Problems with Surestore E 4/40


first of all make sure you have the latest firmware on the box (Version 1720). Then you have to reset the fibre channel config to factory defaults (using the front panel: Administration -> change configuration -> Other config options -> Restore Factory Defaults -> Restore Fibre Configuration). Login to the box (telnet, administrator password) and set the addressing mode to "soft" (Interface Cards -> Fibre Channel interface configurations).


Hope this helps!

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