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Firmware bin file for MSL5026

Jeff Forrest
Occasional Visitor

Firmware bin file for MSL5026

I have an MSL5026 library on an old version of firmware (2.26) and cannot update the firmware using L&TT (get error during diagnostics). Does anyone have a copy of the bin file so I can update using the http front end on the Library itself? I need 4.04 or higher for Arcserve compatibility, but will try anything above 2.26 on the grounds it may correct the diag error. TIA, Jeff
hakan ucar
Occasional Contributor

Re: Firmware bin file for MSL5026

L&TT uses .frm file extensions for image files.
The image file you have is compatible with Tape Storage Management Console (TSMC). You can do the upgrade with TSMC or you can download the latest version of L&TT (version: 3.2 SR1) at

Afterwards you should start L&TT and if you browse through the menu as
File->Get files from web->firmware->For all supported devices:Show latest firmware only
you will have the chance to download all the latest firmware for all the defined devices.

The firmware with the product ID Compaq MSL5000 Series provide you the latest firmware v4.14.

After download you will find the firmware image under the folder
C:\Program Files\HP StorageWorks Library and Tape Tools\firmware

named as LTT_COMPAQ_MSL5000_Series_0414.frm.

Jan Klier
Respected Contributor

Re: Firmware bin file for MSL5026

Actually one correction to the previous reply - the file format of L&TT and TSMC is slightly different as L&TT puts a header on the file for additional information about the file. Thus .frm files would not work with TSMC.

BTW: TSMC has been obsoleted by HP as part of the integration of pre-merger Compaq and pre-merger HP support tools. As a result of this, firmware files for TSMC are no longer posted on the web site.

Regarding the failure of L&TT, we would be very interested to see why it failed and if we can help out with that. Please send a Tool Status Report and the EventLog.ltt file from L&TT's log folder to You an generate and save the tool status report from the 'Help' menu in L&TT - it contains a summary of your configuration and setting relative to L&TT which helps us in debugging.