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Firmware for DEC TZ89

Ian Cowie
Occasional Visitor

Firmware for DEC TZ89

I have a TL895 library with DLT 35/70 tape drives.
They are recognized by the hp StorageWorks library and tape tools as DEC TZ89 drives.
I cannot find firmware for these drives on the HP site.
I downloaded ltt_dlt7000_v109_oem1.frm but the HPSWLandT Tools program will not use that file for these drives.
David Ruska
Honored Contributor

Re: Firmware for DEC TZ89

The DLT7000 OEM1 firmware is not correct for the TL895 library drive (it's for an pre-merger HP branded standalone drive).

You should be able to use "Get files from web" in LTT (assuming your server is connected to the internet) to get the correct files. There are two TZ89 V109 images (OEM257, and OEM11266), so hopefully one of those matches your drives.
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