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Firmware of DLT8000 - different to other one

Paul Young_3
Frequent Advisor

Firmware of DLT8000 - different to other one

Hello everyone,

I know that this subject has been kind of covered previously and also was answered to a certain extent (the solution I believe was to create a call with HP to get a HP technician to do the upgrade).

I have not tried the LTT as this proved to be unsuccessful on a DLT7000, kept giving this 'wrong personality' error for the frm files. I used a Compaq softpaq SP16275 to upgrade the firmware of the drive which I found with google as the HP search engine just seemd intent on sending me down the LTT road.

Back to the DLT8000, I tried to use the Quantum update utility SDLTUpdate.exe that uses *.img files. I again had 'personality' errors. So I went to a Compaq softpaq again (these are getting harder to find since the HP take over). This time using SP19837, but this has not worked as nun of the disks this paq creates had the right image - despite the documentation saying otherwise.

I may try the LTT, but I don't like my chances. I would really like to know if anyone has successfully upgraded the firmware on a stand alone DLT8000 from any source and if so where is the source.

I am not able to crate a hardware call on this unit as in this case it is chargeable and I really don't think paying a HP technicican to do a firmware upgrade will be signed off by my manager.



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Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: Firmware of DLT8000 - different to other one

Install LTT and look at drive information. You will see drive personality. You can upgrade firmware of the same personality identifier as your drive has only. Thus you need to find suitable .frm file.
You can generate support ticket and attach it to your next reply zipped