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Firmware update Surestore 230i

Ingmar Neumann
Occasional Visitor

Firmware update Surestore 230i


Our 230i does not accept the cleaning cartridge (HP C7978A). The manual recommends a firmware update in that case. Therefore, I' ve downloaded the latest versions of LTT (3.5SR2) and firmware (ltt_ultrium_1-scsiI_e32d_oem9.frm) for that drive. However, LTT still tells me that

"There is no matching firmware file for this device, it cannot be selected"

Does anybody have an idea on how to update the firmware?

Thank You!

Michael Richter
Trusted Contributor

Re: Firmware update Surestore 230i


please have a look at the "ultrium tape drive user guide" !

You can found this document under following link:

have a look on "firmware upgrades"
there are 2 options, first to upgrade via L&TT, second loading a firmware update tape.

please read the user guide and try to loading a firmware update tape

best regards
Michael Richter