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Firmware update via Tape (DLT VS80i)

Occasional Contributor

Firmware update via Tape (DLT VS80i)


I want to do a firmware upgrade via tape.
It says in a help file that I should use the script-file called "dlt1_fw.tst". However the only one to be found in the tapetools distribution package is "dlt_fw.tst" which doesn't work with my drive (dlt vs80 internal).

Where can I get this file (dlt1_fw.tst)???

Please help me,

Andreas Clemenz
Sven Jacobsen
Occasional Advisor

Re: Firmware update via Tape (DLT VS80i)

HI Andreas,

the reason why you did not find the script is that it has not been released to the web until yesterday.
Just open your Library and TapeTools. When you installed it as Automatic Update (internet access needed) it will automatically tell you that there are new scripts available. Press to download and it is done. If you did not install automatic update you need to go to the menue Files - get files from web - scripts (riser; default riser is firmware)- there you should get the new scripts (there is another new script for DDS Rules). Download and you got it.

If you have no internet access on the machine you are using L&TT on post your mail and I will send you the script.

David Ruska
Honored Contributor

Re: Firmware update via Tape (DLT VS80i)


Just thought I'd make a comment on firmware update tapes. We added this ability in L&TT for customers who do not have the ability to run LTT on the system connected to the device. For example, if it is connected to a Linux or netware system. In that case, if they had another drive connected to a windows (or HP-UX) system, they could run LTT, generate the FUP tape, and then load that tape in the other drive (not connected to LTT) to update the firmware.

If the drive needing update is connected to a system that can run L&TT, we recommend using L&TT directly for the firmware update.
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