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HELP! Compaq 20/40 gb compression??

Seth Thompson
New Member

HELP! Compaq 20/40 gb compression??

Hello, We have a Proliant Server that has a COmpaq 20/40 DAT DRV (SDT 1000) and just recently our back up has been failing consistently. I have checked the compression settings and it seems that everything is working fine. We are using Veritas Backup Exec v8.6. The drive we are backing up has roughly 36 gigs of data, the back up seems to fail around 24 or 25 gigs (it asks for another tape). So I am assuming that the compression is working (to a degree) and that we are just too big for a 20/40 gig drive. Does that make sense? Do we need a new tape drive?? I appreciate your help with this!!

Seth in Maine
Chris Smudde

Re: HELP! Compaq 20/40 gb compression??

I have a similar issue with a Proliant DL380 G4 server and a StorageWorks 20/40 DAT drive. I use it to backup a Novell 6.5 server volume which is 29.7 GB total. I can only backup 19 - 20 GB of the volume before it asks for another tape, and have an almost daily battle trying to keep the backup on one tape. It seems like the compression is not working, but a consultant friend said it is working properly. My question, like Seth in Maine, is "Does that make sense? Do we need a new tape drive??" (Sorry, Seth, for not having any solution for you). Thanks for any advice.