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HP 1/8 autoloader FC pass through question.

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HP 1/8 autoloader FC pass through question.

I have been asked to investigate a issue in setting up a 1/8 FC based auto loader in a hyper-v environment.  The client has a 2012R2 host running multiple VM's and they want to connect their existing FC based loader through to one of the VM's to run the backups.  When initially spec the intention was to run the backups from the physical host, however it seems plans have changed.


The server is a HP ML380p Gen 8 with a 81Q FC card, my understanding is that i need to create a virtual port to do this but i get a error in the qconvergance SW when doing this "Unable to create vPort:  Make sure the physical port is attached in a point to point connection.  Also as an additional check perform a manual refresh to ensure a duplicate WWN is not already created or the max number of vPorts have been created."  seearching on this suggests that i ca't establish a virtual port when using direct connection, instead i'd need to connect via a FC switch, which the client hasn't allowed for.


So essentially the question is can this be done,  Is it possible to passthrough a direct connect 1/8 FC autoloader through to a vm on server 2012R2 Hyper-V?