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HP 2/20 Tape Library password reset

Martin Borne

HP 2/20 Tape Library password reset

Our tape library was setup last year by someone else. Does anyony know how to reset the password for the library on the Service Menu.

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Arimo Laine_2
Valued Contributor

Re: HP 2/20 Tape Library password reset

There's no global password that will allow you to enter the menus. HP support can help you, call them.

Vincent Farrugia
Honored Contributor

Re: HP 2/20 Tape Library password reset


For this you have to call HP, there is NO other way. They will give you a special password using a special formula so that you can reset it.

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Michael Tully
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Re: HP 2/20 Tape Library password reset

Here is the procedure that has to be followed. Courtesy of David Ruska.

How to reset your admin password on a 2/20 (and similar) library:

1. Find the phone number for your local HP support center (use this to look them up).

2. From your library, do the following:

* Access to the front panel of the HP Surestore DLT library.
* From the Home screen, press Main.
* From Main, press Information.
* From Information, press More.
* From this menu, press Date and Time.
* Write down the date (including year) and time.

The agent will need the hour, day, month, and year.

3. Call your local support, and tell them you need to reset your password on a 2/20 library.
If it helps, tell them to refer to document: lpg70430 :-)

4. They will calculate a special password, which you will enter from the date & time screen.

5. Note if steps 3 & 4 move you into the next clock hour, you might need to set the time back to where it was in step 2.

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Re: HP 2/20 Tape Library password reset

Thank you, it helped me... Two more notes:
there is a difference between, for example, 6 pm and 18 hours, as the library shows, so be sure to tell the exact hour which your library displays (18 for 6 pm, and so on)... Also, to confirm, it works with AutoLoader 1/9