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HP 2024 Tape Library

I am using an HP 2024 Tape Library with one drive, can we run multiple jobs and eject completed job tapes without stopping running jobs?
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Re: HP 2024 Tape Library

1 tape= 1 backup job at a time.

Scheduling depends on your backup software.

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Re: HP 2024 Tape Library

The question isn't entirely clear. You may run multiple jobs as long as the different jobs are run one at a time.

If you have two jobs, Job 1 and Job 2, then you can:
run Job 1
Job 1 fishishes
Start Job 2
Job 2 is reading/writing
Export tape writting by Job 1
Job 2 is still reading/writing

So yes you can export a tape from a previously completed job while another job is running. You can't run two jobs at the same time.