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HP 20gb and 2000 Server

Eric Grundlehner
Occasional Contributor

HP 20gb and 2000 Server

I have an older HP20gb Tape Backup. I was wondering if this would be compatiable with 2000 Server. I need to make backups of documents on a server. What program should I use, NTBACkUP? Does Hp colorado II software work for 2000 server?

Trusted Contributor

Re: HP 20gb and 2000 Server

Actually, the Colorado drives are not supported on Win2000 server although there is no real reason why they won't with a couple of provisos:

An external parallel Colorado will NOT work with the NT BACKUP utility in Win2000 ( I assume you have the parallel port one and not the xai SCSI device)

Colorado Backup II software is no longer available and you will have to go get Backup My PC from VERITAS now:


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