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HP 354801A DDS-1 and firmware version/update

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HP 354801A DDS-1 and firmware version/update

Hi community,

One friend of mine gave me for free an old HP 354801A DDS-1

I'm using a W2K OS with SP3.
The SCSI controller is a Symbios 875X.
The driver is the default one provided with W2K (4mmdat.sys).
For simplicity I've only the HP 354801A DDS-1 on the SCSI controller.
SCSI ID is 1 and the controller is configured as auto-terminated.
Configuration switches are in default position:
1 (on), 2 (on), 3 (off), 4 (on), 5 (on), 6 (on), 7 (on), 8 (on)

I've installed the "HP StorageWorks lib and tape tools" version 3.2.SR1 in order to check the status of this hardware and to verify compatibility issue.

The problem is that I can't see any firmware release in "Identity" tab and I'm not able to perform any firmware update because the last version of the firmware for this component (should be version T603 date 03.15.1996) is reported with "wrong personality" identification in the "Selectable" column of "Local Firmware Files".

Sorry for the silly question, but what is briefly the concept of personality in this context?

What is strange is that also at boot time in the summary screen of the SCSI controller I can't see any firmware release.
Actually I do not know what is the history of this DAT before now.
I do not know if someone tried to update the firmware in the past.

Is that a normal behaviour?
Is there something I can do to correct this issue?

In attach you can find the support ticket in a zip format.

Thanks In Advance.
Tina Karasch
Valued Contributor

Re: HP 354801A DDS-1 and firmware version/update

Hi Tyler,

LTT's reason for reporting a wrong personallity, should be one of the following:

a. the fw file you are trying to flash to the drive's eeprom, is not made for the drive (type/model)that you are trying to flash.
-> could you pls give info on the exact model # given on the sticker on its belly; as the 5000 models show up as 35480 on the scsi bus but depending on the model you might actually need either the 12.11 or M902 firmware instead or the T603 revision.

b. communication might be bad due to:
termination - you might not be using a terminated cable to connect the drive.
transferspeed - set to 8bit, sync 10-20 mb/s

c. the drive might actually have a corrupt eeprom in which case you will not be able to reflash it.

As to the issue of bannering the fw:

symbios hba's only do that if the display mode is set to "verbose". You will find that, if you go into the hba's bios (ctrl-c) and there to "device selection" that there the dat drive shows its firmware revision and you can also set the sync transfer speed and bus width.

if it's T503, then you need T603
if it's 1108, then you need 12.11
if it's m802, then you need m902

besides, you might want to use the hpdat.sys
from HP's website
and change it's id to 4,5 or 6 ..... also ensure that you have the latest scsi driver from either; the manufacturer, if seperate card or from the motherboard maker, if an onboard version.

you then should be able to use the w2k application to make backups as it's listed in the w2k hcl. any further questions, let me know.

Happy hunting...
If U want to; let's get technical.... :P
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: HP 354801A DDS-1 and firmware version/update

Tina's reply is excellent. I would only add that you will not see much in LTT for this drive (it's very old). To see info you need to select drive to the left and then click big 'support' icon. Then support ticket will be generated and you can take a look into it