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HP 418 Autoloader and Windows 2000 Server

Ed Fair
Occasional Contributor

HP 418 Autoloader and Windows 2000 Server

I have a 418 Autoloader attached to Windows 2000 Server. I am using RSM only to manage the drive, and I am seeing some "Incorrect Function" errors. In the RSM Work Queue, I see Operations such as "Identify Media" and "Write Free Media Label" with red "Failed" states, and when I click on these Failed Operations I see the message "Incorrect Function" in the description.

Suprisingly, the operations that are marked as failed do seem to be actually succeeding; my application (which is RSM aware) is able to work just fine -- allocating, mounting, labelling, and dismounting tapes just fine. I'm very confused!

A few questions:

1) I saw a comment about other drives (DLT80's?) and W2K SP3 having some issues -- could these issues be similar to mine?

2) If yes, is there a patch that I can install on SP3 to improve my situation, or will SP4 improve my situation?

3) Any other words of wisdom?

Here is some additional information:
- My OS is W2K SP3.
- My SCSI controller is an Adaptec AHA-294X/AIC-78XX PCI SCSI Controller, built into the motherboard of my server.
- Device manager reports my Medium Changer as a "HP DLT and HP/Plasmon/Pinnacle Optical Medium Changers"
- Device manager reports my Tape Drive as a "Quantum DLT 4000 SCSI Sequential Device".
- I updated the firmware on the library to 2.12 firmware.
- I could not find a newer firmware for the tape drive itself, so I re-installed the current version (using L&TT).