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HP 418 Autoloader - changer is not recognized

Scott Wolfe
Occasional Contributor

HP 418 Autoloader - changer is not recognized

The drive is being recognized; however, the chnager is not. During the server boot up I see the drive, but nothing about the changer. We also have an HP 2/20 Library that shows both the drive and changer listed during server boot up. The same with LTT.

I'm using an Adpaptec 39160 SCSI card and BackUp Exec 9.1 for my backup software. I've changed SCSI ID's to 4 for the drive and 3 for the autoloader but that didn't change anything. I also changed the INQ_TOGGLE to ON.

It was all working fine on a different server, but it crashed and we now have a new Dell server. The main difference is the SCSI card. The old server had it built into the motherboard and we bought the Adaptec 39160 card with the new server.

In Windows Event Viewer I get the following message. 'The HPDLT628 service depends on the SCSI-2 Medium Changer group and no member of this group started.'

I would appreciate any help.

Tina Karasch
Valued Contributor

Re: HP 418 Autoloader - changer is not recognized

Hi Scott,

from the sound of it you may have 1 of these issues....

First it would be worth checking if the flat metal jumper cable that connects the drive and robot at the back of the AL might possably be defect, this can be checked by connecting the long data-cable and the terminator to the robot and after that to the drive only.
If u then can see the robot on the scsi bus, then the jumpercable needs replacing !! part no = C6280-60070

besides that there is a second possabillity. u may not have configured or installed the correct tape / scsi driver and/or autoloader - option for the 418.
AND for the latest drivers.

And last but not least as the unit is a single-ended narrow scsi2 pls ensure correct cabling and termination !!
The unit - if correctly connected - set to SE speed on that channel + terminated with active terminator should work fine with buexec.

If u check the AL with LTT diag sw for latest firmware, u should have no more issues. diagsw and info avaliable on:〈=en&cc=us

hope this answers your question why :)
@>'-;--- tk
p.s. your 2/20 is LVD the 418 = SE
If U want to; let's get technical.... :P