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HP Autoloader 718 DLT7000 & NBU 6.0 MP1

HP Autoloader 718 DLT7000 & NBU 6.0 MP1

Hi all,

I have an HP autoloader I am trying to use with netbackup 6.0 MP1 (on Windows
2003), I used this autoloader with backup exec without any issues, but I
can't get netbackup to recognize it. I've installed the netbackup drivers,
and still have the same issue. Windows recognizes both, the robot and the drive. When I try to configure it using the wizard
it says the following:

"Device configuration command 0 - robtype tld -port 2 -bus 0 -target 0 -lun 0> failed on host
with the following error:
The EMM server failed to process the request (78)"

I have no clue what's going on. I mean, when I use the wizard to add the
robot and browse for the "robot device" it find the correct robot.

Does anyone know what I am missing?