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HP Autoloader 818 (C6282NB) not recognized by SCSI

Joe Robinson_2
Super Advisor

HP Autoloader 818 (C6282NB) not recognized by SCSI

I just bought a HP 818 and have been unable to have the SCSI addresses recognized regardless of what address or SCSI setting is used. Is this tape drive proprietary to HP? (I have been unable to locate a HCL to identify if it is compatible w/ MS Server 2003).

Joe Robinson
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: HP Autoloader 818 (C6282NB) not recognized by SCSI

the C6282NB is an autoloader with lvd interface, so usualy all the current scsi HBA support this unit.
some rules to identify the problem:
- check cables and terminator for any bent or damaged pin in the cable, or change cable and terminator(be sure terminator is LVD and not HVD)
- check at boot time of your server if the enquiry string of both the drive and the robotic controller are detected, enter in the bios of the hba (CTLR-A Adaptec, CTLR-C Symbios ....) and check that the devices appear on the list, eventualy perform a reset to default value in the HBA Bioos

If the device appear, you should be able to see it in Device manager and then load the drivers from HP Web Site

If the devices do not appear after these steps, try to connect just one part of the autoloader at a time (server-> cable -> drive -> terminator ) then (Server -> cable -> Robotic controller -> Terminator) and identify which component is causing the problem