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HP C1533A firmware update with Tape Tools

Paavo Leinonen_1
Occasional Visitor

HP C1533A firmware update with Tape Tools


I have a HP C1533A DDS-2 DAT drive, which has firmware 9406. I have the latest Tape Tools instelled (version 2.7 SR3b) in a w2k system, which has a Adaptec 2940 (with the latest firmware 1.16) HBA.

The problem is, that I cannot update the firmware with the Tape Tools, it says "wrong personality" and the latest firmware 9608 cannot be updated.

I had Tape Tools 2.7 SR2 (I think) installed before, and I believe it had not such problems, but I upgraded the Tape Tools version before I updated the firmware in my DAT drive.


harry d brown jr
Honored Contributor

Re: HP C1533A firmware update with Tape Tools


This firmware is designed for upgrading in the NT3.51 and NT4.0 environment only.

What OS are you running?
Live Free or Die
Paavo Leinonen_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP C1533A firmware update with Tape Tools


and thanks for a fast reply. I'm running win98, win2k and linux systems.


What is the difference between and

(There are also dos versions for both.)

I.e. o_nt9608.exe and n_nt9608.exe, they both should upgrade a C1533A to 9608 but how do I know which C1533A I have?

Is there a way to find out exactly which model my tape drive is? Serial number? Assy number? What is this "personality" that Tape Tools think is wrong?

My tape drive is in an external cabinet (which is not made by HP).