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HP C1537A DAT Drive

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Robert Small
Occasional Visitor

HP C1537A DAT Drive

I am the new IT person here and am taking over the responsibilities from another Tech. My Compaq Proliant (running NT4) has a (according to the Tape applet in the Control Panel) 10/24Gb HP C1537A installed and the tech is telling me that it will only except DDS-2 120 Meter tapes. And everything I have found points to DDS-3 125 Meter tapes. Who is correct, and THANKS in advance.
Leif Halvarsson_2
Honored Contributor

Re: HP C1537A DAT Drive

C1537A is a DDS3 drive and can use DDS2 (4/8GB) and DDS3 (12/24GB) cartridges.