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HP C1537A and Win XP Backup Problem

Tong Pak
Occasional Visitor

HP C1537A and Win XP Backup Problem

HP C1537A Tape Drive has been working fine with NT Backup. Since we installed Windows XP Professional it started misbehaving, e.g. "Mount Waiting" is frozen with a message "The library is unable to load the media at this time because the drive is in use." and "Please wait for the drive to become available. You may cancel this request at any time." and it never returns. Could someone shed a light for me, please? Thank you. - Tong
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: HP C1537A and Win XP Backup Problem

if you are using Window backup applet,
you have to manage and prepare the tapes trough the RSM,
you also could try to disable this service and see if the Backup work better.
If you are using another Backup software, disabling the RSM is mandatory