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HP C1537A or HP C6364A

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James Klauzner
Occasional Visitor

HP C1537A or HP C6364A

I just purchaced a second hand HP tape drive, but seem to be confused as to exactly what model it is. Win2K recognizes it as HP C1537A (and it works OK) Howeve, the label on the back sais HP C6364A. I can't seem to be able to find any information about either number on the HP web site.
I would like to download any and all info and drivers, etc. that may be available for this unit...
Also, this is a 12/24GB drive. I am using 12/24 rated DDS3 DAT tapes, and select the setting "use hardware compression" in the Win2K Backup wizard. Unfortunately, I am only able to fit around 16GB on a single tape, before having to change tapes. Is it not supposed to be able to backup upto 24GB (compressed)?
Also, where do I find the serial does not appear to be shown on the label at the back of the unit.

Thank you in advance...



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Eric de Lange_2
Respected Contributor

Re: HP C1537A or HP C6364A

Hello James,

Your drive is indeed a C1537A drive. The C6364A is the partnumber of the product (i.e. external, rack mount etc) so when you look for info on the enclosure you should use the last one.

More info on the machanism itself can be found at, just search on DAT24. Mind you, most HP DDS-3 drives will report as a C1537A

The fact that you are getting 16GB on tape shows that the drive is using data compression. The 24GB is calculated when your data compresses 2:1. Most data these days is not that easily compressible by the drive since it is already compressed on disk (Cab, zip, mp3, etc). So, based on that data (compression 1:1.3) it looks like your drive is working pretty well.

Hope this helps,

Robert Bean

Re: HP C1537A or HP C6364A

The C6364A is a DAT 24 (lear) drive. The operating system sees it as a C1537A because of the firmware on the drive. IF you go to:

this site is where you can get the drivers for your drive. The seriel number on the drive will be located on the bottom of the drive above the dip settings.
pete krohn
Occasional Advisor

Re: HP C1537A or HP C6364A

expect compression ration to inversely mirror the existing data types you are recording. ie if your data is already of a compressed type, then the drive cannot do much more to compress it!

serial numbers and actual hardware model numbers are found in the scsi tools exe usage,
get the hp tools or use bart lagerweij's utility (SCSI Tool v1.04d) fro the net somewhere.